10 Things I Wish the Trump Campaign Would Say
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10 Things I Wish the Trump Campaign Would Say

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10 Things I Wish the Trump Campaign Would Say

While the country’s media mavens are soaring around Philadelphia’s Cuckoo Nest to ogle its bizarre denizens and search of one sane voice or a single American flag, it might behoove Trump supporters to explore further how they can spice up their campaign; to add to or embellish the usual stuff. Of course, disconsolate Republicans can only hope that his advisers defang his more inflammatory comments, or require that The Donald dons bullet-proof shoes for the sake of damage control. Better still would be efforts to educate voters, or at least remind many of them, about some crucially important matters in American politics.

Here are ten that come to mind, most of which no doubt would have to be moderated for polite conversation. But let’s do the unexpurgated version, first.

  1. Liberal progressivism is the ideology of the cancer cell. We hear a lot about how he or she is a good progressive, and the word itself connotes a positive mood; a future which is better, more humane, more civilized, more modern, and so forth. Progressivism in fact is none of those things. Progressivism shares its roots with the totalitarian proclivities of Hegelianism, which also spawned Marxism, National Socialism, and several concomitant evils. Let’s stop sugarcoating this monstrosity and stress how progressivism, like cancer, consumes its host, subjecting it to unimaginable horrors before killing the body in question, individual or political. When you say progressivism, think Soviet Union. Or Cuba. Or Venezuela. But don’t be such a fool to believe that progressivism somehow means something “better.”
  2. Political correctness is for fools, charlatans, and despots. Okay, Trump has already uttered a few things about this, but PC needs to be assaulted frontally, vigorously, and rooted out of the culture. Only a fool would believe it; only a charlatan would spread it; only a despot would enforce it. Enough said.
  3. Most so-called mainstream media reporters are liberal fascist stooges. Again, this is hardly breaking news, but Republicans of all stripes must educate Americans about the wretched distortions that constitute daily fare for the country’s thrill-up-your-leg leftist “reporters.” Two books are assigned reading here: Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning, and Tim Groseclose’s Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind. Both are face-slap chilling, but consider just one conclusion from Groseclose’s study: Overall, news media bias benefits the Democrats more than the Republicans to a very significant degree, about eight to ten percentage points in a typical election. Josef Goebbels would be proud, I’m sure.
  4. Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization. If you don’t accept that, try insisting that all lives matter in front of a BLM audience and see what happens. Be sure to come armed, and with a lot of friends similarly outfitted.
  5. The Federal Government is a hostile occupying force. Any government that continues to wage war against its citizens with policies that range from disastrous to despicable is a hostile occupying force. Do Americans really approve of affirmative action, the income tax code, Obamacare, the war against coal, EPA aggressions, borders open to felons, selective law enforcement, members of Congress who exempt themselves from laws they pass, an executive who ignores laws of which he disapproves, predatory agencies that can destroy you on a whim, and a Supreme Court that can’t understand plain English?
  6. The Ruling Class has contempt for Americans. Similar to the point made above, this assertion includes everyone in the upper echelons of American society, corporate chieftains, media lords, and Hollywood elites. Angelo Codevilla’s masterful treatment in The Ruling Class should be required reading for the country. In a Powerline interview last year, he stated: “… our ruling class has succeeded in ruling not by reason or persuasion, nevermind integrity, but by occupying society’s commanding heights, by imposing itself and its ever-changing appetites on the rest of us. It has co-opted or intimidated potential opponents by denying the legitimacy of opposition. Donald Trump, haplessness and clownishness notwithstanding, has shown how easily this regime may be threatened just by refusing to be intimidated.” Unfortunately for Trump supporters, he does not believe that The Donald is the right person to challenge the ruling class.
  7. Too many Christian leaders are sellouts or wimps. The best recent commentary on this point was provided by Mike Adams in a July 8 Townhall essay entitled “Onward Christian Pansies,” where he stated: “We need brave young warriors, not spineless ‘evangelists’ who are more concerned about being liked than influencing the culture. …Jesus was not Mr. Rogers. He had little tolerance for the smug moral superiority of those who grasp the truth but lack the faith and courage necessary to defend it.” If “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright can shout “God**mn America!” why can’t patriot preachers support the Judeo-Christian principles that made it the last best hope of earth?
  8. About a quarter of the American voting public is insane, morally corrupt, or just plain stupid. Hence, the popularity of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, pretty much in that order. Of course, there’s a lot of overlap here, but anyone who cheers for Bernie Sanders’s deranged, something-for-nothing socialism should be considered a candidate for the loony bin. Perhaps, “criminally ignorant” captures the point better, but the outcome is the same. Ditto for voters who are so morally corrupt that Hillary’s inveterate lying just doesn’t bother them. Finally, there is no other way to explain Obama’s reelection than the unadulterated stupidity of the American electorate, Republicans and Democrats alike. Which also means this estimate of one-quarter may be way too low.
  9. Liberals hate America. Or, they don’t like it very much. In spite of righteous protests to the contrary, this one really is a no-brainer. It is impossible to conceive of individuals who are committed to the moral idiocy of multiculturalism and statism, have contempt for the Bill of Rights and disdain for America’s history, show sympathy for dictators and those who despise America, consistently denounce free markets and federalism, and still retain in their convoluted hearts any wisps of affection for their own country. Rather, liberals are suffused with pejoratives against America and Americans, especially taking delight in hurling the “R” word at opponents. Thus, opposing BLM is racist; disagreeing with Obama is racist; eating Cocoa Puffs for breakfast is racist (probably). Liberals always root for the clueless, pantywaist, parasitic Eloi among us while hating the Morlocks. Well, I don’t much care for the latter either—they’re ugly, brutish, and have terrible breath—but at least Morlocks produced something.
  10. The Democratic Party is a criminal organization. Dinesh D’Souza said it best in his book Stealing America, which recounts his confinement experiences after his outrageous sentence for a trivial crime. He summarizes this conclusion as follows: “I learned how the hoodlums think and how they operate, how they organize themselves in gangs, how they rip people off and crush their enemies. I understood, for the first time, the psychology of crookedness. Suddenly I had an epiphany: this system of larceny, corruption, and terror that I encountered firsthand in the confinement center is exactly the same system that has been adopted and perfected by modern progressivism and the Democratic Party. This book is an exposé of Obama, Hillary, and modern liberalism, not as a defective movement of ideas, but as a crime syndicate.”

So, there they are, ten things on my wish list for Republicans to consider as they contend with a candidate whose support among voters constitutes about the worst testimony imaginable on the decline of the American republic. And we haven’t even touched foreign policy yet. But that is a subject for another essay.

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