James Bond Has the Most LGBT-Friendly Employer in the British Secret Service, Says UK Consul-General
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James Bond Has the Most LGBT-Friendly Employer in the British Secret Service, Says UK Consul-General


With the recent referendum on Brexit or the impending departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union in two years’ time, there have been talks on  social media that the premiere spy on Her Majesty’s Secret Service, James Bond, would likely be affected because he would now need a visa to travel to other EU countries.

It was probably meant to soften the impact of Brexit but James Bond ends up being almost always thrown into the conversations as regards the political and economic repercussions of the decision of UK to leave the EU for good.

According to Martin Whalley, British Consul General in Chicago, James Bond is very fortunate to be working for Her Majesty’s Secret Service because it was just awarded this year as the UK’s most LGBT-friendly employer.

The statement triggered theories that James Bond may actually be gay and that the most famous secret agent from Britain actually had a secret of his own, reports the Chicago Tribune.

When asked by reporters of the possibility that James Bond may be gay following the award that the British secret service was vested early this year, Whalley made a resounding ‘Yes’ answer.

He added that he is sure that everyone would be surprised to know that James Bond is gay because nobody would think of such otherwise.

Inspiring the gay community

But it seems that the UK Consul General was just making a politically-correct statement as the party he attended in Virginia was hosted by the gay rights group Equality Illinois, in collaboration with the British government.

Equality Illinois CEO Brian Johnson thanked Whalley for inspiring him with the idea that James Bond could have been gay and that it would stay with him for a while.

The tease or insinuation on James Bond’s gender was obviously a cover up to his emotions because Whalley later confessed that he was not able to sleep well on Thursday night following the results of the European Union referendum.

He also did not bother to elaborate on how a James Bond film, in which a gay Agent 007 would plow through a series of male conquests might go.

It is sure to cause an uproar among traditionalists in the UK, which was what happened when they protested Daniel Craig as the next James Bond because he had blonde hair rather than brown. When there were suggestions that British actor Idris Elba becomes the first black James Bond, it also spurred controversy.

The agent who inspired James Bond

Meanwhile, the New York Post has reported that a Yugoslavian double agent by the name of Dusko Popov during World War II may have been the man who inspired the creation of James Bond to become fiction’s most famous spy.

Perusing through declassified documents from World War II including hotel bills, letters, and long-forgotten memoirs, it was discovered that it happened at the exact moment when Bond creator, Ian Fleming, first encountered Popov.

Fleming worked for the British naval intelligence during the war, overseeing operations designed to confuse the Germans in a fog of misinformation.

Fleming never confirmed that Popov inspired James Bond because if he did, he would have broken the law. The UK has an Official Secrets Act that prevents persons from talking about wartime activities. He died in 1964 after the first two James Bond movies starring Sean Connery came out.

James Bond 24

The James Bond creator drew on many sources to create his hero and that likely includes Popov. There is also Anthony Hugill, who was a member of the No. 30 Commando, a World War II intelligence unit organized by Fleming.

Meanwhile, the choice of the next British actor who shall take on the role of James Bond, following the decision of Daniel Craig to move on from the franchise after doing four movies, is now down to two contenders – Theo James and Tom Hiddleston.

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